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International Symposium on Steel Bridges have been organised by the members ECCS under her umbrella since 25 February 1988. The 10th International Symposium on Steel Bridges For A Green Planet” (SBIS 2022) organised by TUCSA will be held on 21-22 September 2022 at Intercontinental Hotel in Istanbul.
The 10th International Symposium on Steel Bridges for A Green Planet is being organised by Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association (TUCSA) in coordination with the European Convention for Constructional Steelwork (ECCS). The language of the symposium is English. This symposium will provide remarkable benefits for researchers & academicians, audiences and sponsors. Abstracts for SBIS 2022 are continuing to submit and will continue until the deadline.

Deadlines for abstracts and full papers are listed below in accordance with the 2nd Announcement of the symposium:
    8 July 2022 Deadline for Submission of Abstracts
    22 July 2022 Notification of Acceptance to Authors
    15 August 2022 Deadline for Submission of Full Papers
    29 August 2022 Final Acceptance

Weekly program which will be very busy is as follows.
    20 September 2022 Technical tour to the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge (Optional)
    21-22 September 2022 10th International Symposium on Steel Bridges for A Green Planet
    21 September 2022 European Steel Bridges Awards Ceremony
    21 September 2022 Gala Dinner and 30th Anniversary of TUCSA
    22-23 September 2022 ECCS Annual General Meetings (For members only)

The symposium which will be performed face to face after two years break, aims to evaluate:
    - scientific works on design and constructing of steel bridges,
    - contributions of developing technologies to the making of bridges,
    - interactions of global warming with steel bridges technologies.

This symposium will provide the below mentioned benefits for researchers & academicians, audiences and sponsors.

1. For researchers and authors. SBIS 2022 is a perfect platform to share academic researches, industrial innovations and exiting developments in the field of industry. Presentations can be published published in the following publications. Talks with other indexed journals are continuing.
    a. Steel Construction Journal (
    b. Journal of Engineering Research and Applied Science (
    c. SBIS 2022 Proceedings which will be published by TUCSA with ISBN.

2. For audiences / participants.
    a. Topics to be presented. Various papers about new technologies and innovations including design, constructions, monitoring and some other engineering matters of steel bridges will be presented. In addition, information about five suspended bridges connecting Europe and Asia will be shared.
    b. Networking. With the expected participation as well as professional environment, the symposium will provide an excellent networking opportunity for scientists, academicians, students and representatives of research institute, industry and investors. Topics of SBIS 2022 are listed at the relevant web page (

3. For those who are willing to introduce their products and services, there are two opportunities: physical exhibition and online exhibition rooms.
    a. Exhibition point / desk at the foyer area of the symposium rooms will be assigned to the sponsors for two days during the symposium according to the conditions stated at the sponsorship web page.
    b. Online exhibition rooms will be assigned to the sponsors according to the conditions stated at the sponsorship web page. Sponsors will take the advantages of them not only during the symposium but also from sponsorship contract date up to the end of symposium by using the below listed services.
        (1) The provided promotion videos, catalogues and brochures can be uploaded to e-exhibition room / page for visitors
        (2) Potential clientele may request additional information or proposals by filling the relevant form.
        (3) Potential customers may request appointment for an online meeting with the representative of the sponsor company. Appointments and online meetings will be organised by TUCSA web master in coordination with the sponsor.

More information can be found at the following pages;
    - For the symposium, click (,
    - For the registration, click (,
    - For the abstracts, click (,
    - For the sponsorship, click ( or (,

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