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1- Parties
1.1: This contract between the STRUCTURAL STEELWORK TRAINING AND RESEARCH CENTER (referred to as YAÇEM) which provides the services specified in the services section of this contract (referred to as Services) and the person / institution (referred to as the Customer) specified in the new customer registration section with details, to use of website operating by YAÇEM at (referred to as the Site) and the services to be purchased through this site will be deemed to have been signed under the terms and conditions stated below.
SELLER : Structural Steelwork Education and Research Center Economic Enterprise (subsidiary of TUCSA) located at Altunizade Mah, Bayramağa Sokak Aksu Apt. No:14, D:4, Uskudar - Istanbul Turkey
Tax Service and Registration No: Üsküdar V.D. - 8760453497
Phone Number: +90 216 474 31 35
E-Mail :
Name and surname:
Address :
Phone Number :
E-Mail :
1.2: The parties declare, accept and undertake the accuracy of the information written in this contract.

2- Subject
2.1: This contract will regulate what are permitted or not in accordance with the information given in the transactions, orders, messages and registration process on the site, and the fees to be paid to YAÇEM in return for the services to be received by the customer according to the orders given. These service and transaction disclosures are as follows.
2.2: Membership / subscription information is the information entered by the customer during membership / subscription. Since this information will be based on the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely and correctly.

3- Liabilities
3.1: YAÇEM will provide the services requested by the customer with an order. With the acceptance message of the order, YAÇEM will accept that it has collected the relevant fee and undertake to provide the service specified in the order.
3.2: After the acceptance of the order and the approval of the transactions, YAÇEM will forward the necessary information about the service in the customer’s order to the customer and the service will be started. The responsibility of the relevant information is the responsibility of the customer and the customer will be responsible for any loss or damage that may arise from these issues.
3.3: The customer undertakes to comply with the declarations and warnings received from YAÇEM related to the service received. The customer cannot distribute or sell the service he has received to third parties, either paid or free and / or limited or unlimited.
3.4: The customer is obliged to notify the change of address to which the journal will be sent. If the customer does not notify the change in question or is not present at the address where the journal was sent, the additional postage / shipping costs will be borne by the customer.

4- Duration
4.1: With the transmission of this contract order and payment transactions to YAÇEM on the internet, the rights and obligations of the parties begin.
4.2: The contract period is the duration of the service chosen by the customer during the order for the relevant service.

5- Fee
5.1: The fee to be paid for the services specified in this contract is the amount specified during the order process.
5.2: YAÇEM reserves the right to make changes on prices and tariffs prospectively without prior notice. The customer accepts, declares and undertakes the changes that may occur in these changes.
5.3: The customer is obliged to pay the fee until the end of the 3rd business day from the date of order, through a credit card payment order at the time of the order process or by transferring the amount to the bank account numbers specified in the contact address.

6- Suspension
6.1: YAÇEM reserves the right to suspend all of the services provided to the customer due to problems in payment, provision problems for customer’s credit card payment orders, or terms and obligations specified in this contract.

7- Termination
7.1:If the customer does not fulfill its responsibilities and commitments by acting against any article of this contract or if the information declared on this contract is not correct, if the above-mentioned suspension of the contract continues for more than 7 days, YAÇEM has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally without any warning or notice.
After the termination that will take place in this way, the customer accepts and undertakes that it will not be able to reclaim the contract fee it has paid.
The customer has the right to terminate this contract at the end of the term, provided that the contract is notified in writing 45 days before the contract expires with no justification.

8- Delivery, Contact and Information Addresses
8.1: The parties have accepted, declared and undertaken the postal addresses specified in the order address as their legal residence for any notification arising from the contract.
8.2: Any notices made to these addresses will be deemed to have been served even if they do not reach the parties. Unless the changes of these addresses are notified to the other party in writing, the old addresses will be valid.
8.3: YAÇEM may send a message, information, letter, warning, payment notification, account movement chart, account statement to the e-mail address allocated to the customer within the contract period. The customer cannot claim that the said electronic messages have not been received or not received, and declares, accepts and undertakes that the said messages will be deemed to have been legally served one day after the date they are sent.

9- Disputes and Disagreements
9.1: This contract, including this item, consists of 9 articles and sub-headings, and has been read, understood and signed by the parties. (Signature. It is deemed to be fulfilled by sending the order to YAÇEM on the internet). If necessary, YAÇEM can add or remove new articles and / or sub-titles or make changes on the articles. The customer declares and undertakes to accept these changes in advance.
9.2: All disputes and disagreements that may arise during the implementation of this contract are tried to be resolved in good faith. If this is not possible, the TUCSA Arbitration Board is authorized to resolve disputes and disagreements.
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