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Sayı: 40 - Temmuz 2014


Everyone is Talking About This Steel Structure: NoXX Apartment

NoXX Apartment, with the start of utili-zation in 2013, initially attracted the archi-tectural community.

Location: Beyoğlu İstanbul 
Architectural Design: Cem Sorguç CM Architecture 
Associate Architects: Sezin Ergene, Elvan Çakıt, Yolga Yağlı, AminaRezoug, Deniz Gezgin 
Employer: Prospera Real Estate A.Ş. 
Structural Design: Özcihan /Akgül Engi-neering Consultancy 
Load-Bearing System Consultant: Oğuz Cem Çelik 
Total Area: 733,02 m² 
Plot Area: 128,37 m²
NoXX Apartment, with the start of utili-zation in 2013, initially attracted the archi-tectural community. Then, everyone started talking about NoXX Apartment which was awarded in “Structure Division” in National Architectural Award...
Located in one of narrow and dead-end streets of Cihangir, NoXX Apartment was constructed with steel structure with a reference to the rare start-of-the-century structural character of the area due to hardship of conventional reinforced concrete construction and necessity of completion in a short timeframe. Structure under the soil level was built of reinforced concrete whereas the remaining floors were constructed in steel structure in layers. Construction designed in composite format with steel structure allowed the structure to be observed both from interior and exterior due to non-use of plaster, paint or coating material. 
Second façade of the building, which had to be constructed as one-sided wall due to regulations, was built with double-brick wall with insulation material in-between. Bricks, which were custom-designed and manufactured to bear loads in certain places on the façade and placed with a natural texture, became elements which prevented monotony on the surface with linear shadows at different lengths at different times of the day. These cantilevers are also used by birds as perch.
Façades overlooking the street and the garden are designed as areas where living spaces open to narrow balconies with wide openings to make the best of the light.
NoXX Apartment consists of a total of 7 studio apartments (including two roof duplexes and two garden duplexes) designed as per the style and necessities of the district, with areas varying between 60 – 70 sqm. 
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 40 - Temmuz 2014

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