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Sayı: 42 - Ocak 2015


İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport Domestic Terminal

Results of National Steel Structure Design Awards 2014

Focal point of the design of the terminal are the diagrid cross-vault roof with dimensions of 200 x 80 meter dimension in the plan covering the check-in hall with its 72-meter span over the departure floor entrance and the “elephant-foot” structures designed with architectural steel designed with four diagrid hyperboloid cone geometry carrying this roof. A total of four elephant-foot structures with base diameters of 15 meters and 20 meters are designed as commercial spaces whereas they are structurally designed to support the majority of the vertical and horizontal earthquake loads of the cross-vault roof.
The scaffolding structure consisting of terminal main structure and passenger lounges allow transfer between two functionally different zones with a 400-meter gallery and act as a joint structurally separating two distinct structures. Roof structure of the gallery covering a span of 27 meters was designed with structural steel inspired from an architectural origami form consisting of folding plates. Origami roof is designed as a sliding support at one side to be compliant to displacements at the range of +/- 30 cm at both orthogonal directions in the horizontal plane due to differential movements of the two structures under earthquake loads. Along the gallery covered by the origami roof, an elevated road structure separated from pedestrian traffic which is designed with structural steel and named as “flying road” lies to allow passenger transfer between domestic and international terminals with electric cars.
In addition to the cross-vault and “origami” roof structures, “sail” roofs and concave roof forming the transition between domestic and international terminals were constructed with space frame structure due to convenience in installation and flexible geometry characteristics. Since the scaffolding structure on the apron side of the terminal forms the continuation of the scaffolding on the international terminal section, this structure was designed with “sail” columns with steel structure as inspired from its geometry.
Glass canopies at the main entrance of the terminal were constructed to provide shade and manufactured with composite material with photovoltaic cells to supply green energy to the terminal with the use of solar power. Connection detail members at the tips of steel pipe members with bolt supports forming the supporting structure of the canopy were formed using cast structural steel.
In addition to its uniqueness and aesthetics designed by Turkish architectures and engineers, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport New Domestic Terminal which is functional and structurally compliant to the earthquake zone is an exemplary application of structural steel in our country.
Having applied for LEED certificate, this structure will be the first LEED-certificated airport structure in Turkey…
220.000 cubic meters of concrete and 15.000 tonnes of steel was used in the construction of the terminal constructed on 291.267 square meters. 
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 42 - Ocak 2015

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