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Sayı: 44 - Temmuz 2015


Open Fields Sports Complex

These dynamic lines also explain the function of the building.

Location: Kayseri/ TURKEY
Employer: Kayseri Metropolitan
Contractor: SHM Architecture
Architectural Design: Bahadır Kul
Structural Design: Göktem Engineering
Plot Area: 36.782m2
3 ea. football fields: 3672 m2
3 ea. basketball-volleyball courts: 2140 m2
9 ea. tennis courts: 6018 m2
Total construction area: 1.952 m2 

The building envelope inspired from the dynamic moves of a tennis ball during the concept design stage of the building makes reference to the functionality of the building. It also tries to hint the dynamic effect between the building envelope and function, and it this effect is desired to continue in the interior space design. These dynamic lines also explain the function of the building. It is aimed to gaze the sports fields from the upper floor terrace. Building façade geometry is composed of steel construction cladded with perforated metal plates and aluminum panels. Dynamism of the function is emphasized in the façade. All elements used in the façade are unique parts of materials. Different manufacturing processes were required for each element in the façade.
Supporting system is designed as reinforced concrete in base frame. Structural design is completed with utilization of Idecad7 software. Façade system has been solved with SAP2000 software as structural steel and anchored to the base frame with fischer pins. Structure foundation was designed with a 50-cm raft foundation in consideration of 24 soil class with bearing capacity of 10 t/m3. In superstructure, columns are typically designed in dimensions of 40 / 50, beams are designed as 40 / 70 and slabs with the area of 35 sqm are designed with the height of 18 cm. Hallow sections are used in the façade system in line with the architectural design intent and the steel frame is cladded with composite façade panels. Hallow section frame is fixed to reinforcedm concrete column and beam intersections with 4m 16 fischer mechanical pins.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 44 - Temmuz 2015

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