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Sayı: 44 - Temmuz 2015


Doğan Hasol

Doğan Hasol, a name to conjure with in Turkish architectural community with his design ideas, publications with putting his thoughts on paper, books and Yapı Endüstri Merkezi founded by the same: “Steel has the challenge of creating its own market”

Steel is used in our industry only as a last resort. Where the necessities require the use of steel, the trend begins. On the other hand, it is a nice development for students to select steel courses with the encouragement of Turkish Construction Steel Association. Their preference will reflect to the industry and it is a step towards creating its own demand. Steel has a challenge of creating its own market. However, I believe this problem is nowadays overcome. They have to investigate local suppliers and present, profess, create their own industry and only after these steps can steel structures develop. 
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 44 - Temmuz 2015

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