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Sayı: 71 - Temmuz / Ağustos 2021



Fuat Tosyalı (Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tosyalı Holding), made a statement on the holding policy related to green steel and recycling on the 29th of July, Earth Overshoot Day.

In his statement, Tosyalı underlined the following points;
“Today, July 29 is the Earth Overshoot Day, the day we consume the 1-year resources the earth has to offer. As of today, we have exhausted all the resources nature has provided throughout 2021. That is, we have used all our resources before even 7 months have passed. From this date onwards we will continue our lives by borrowing the resources of 2022. This is what we have to stop together. We must work together to create a sustainable life by fulfilling our environmental responsibility. There is so much we cand do, both individually and corporately. It is in our hands to build a sustainable future by designing a more liveable world. 
A new generation of social and economic structure based on sustainability and circular economy has been emerging all over the world. As Tosyalı Holding, we are aware of our responsibilities in this regard. In all companies withing our organization, we carry out all our activities, from raw materials to production processes, from sales and marketing to shipment with a focus and sustainability. With our technology and innovation projects, we produce one of the greenest and most environmentally friendly steel in the world. As Tosyalı Holding we have more than 100 important R&D projects focused on green steel production, all of which intellectual property rights belong to us, and 20 of them are the first and unique on a global scale. With these projects, we have reduced the carbon emissions of a steel production factory by 30%. We have facilities those work with the principle of zero waste and they are completely based on recycling. We do not use fossil fuels we make use of solar energy as much a possible.
We Represent the Best Examples of Circular Economy
We own one of the best examples of circular economy at Tosyalı Harsco recycling facilities. By processing steel waste in our facility, we both do metal recovery and turn them into by-products for use in different sectors. We recycle an average of 1.2 million tons of slag waste annually to the economy. These recycled products are used as raw material in different sectors ranging from road construction to cement production and fertilizer production. 
The world’s resources are limited, and we must take care of them. For this reason, as Tosyalı Holding, we do not set ourselves limits for a more sustainable life and a better future. We believe that unlimited alternatives and innovative solutions can be developed for environmental issues. That is why we will never stop our activities in this field, and we will always continue to make investments to save the environment and nature with innovative solutions.”
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 71 - Temmuz / Ağustos 2021



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