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Sayı: 41 - Eylül 2014


Steelin Era in Light Steel Structune Systems

Steelin transforms light steel into art Prefabrik Yapı of Hekim Holding companies continues to bring in technological innovation to the industry with their new brand, Steelin.

 TS4561, TS3357, Regulation on Buildings to be Constructed in Seismic Areas and equivalent standards of foreign origin were utilized in design. Loads considered in the analysis and design of the structure consist of roof and façade membrane and accessories, reinforced concrete for composite deck, dead and live loads such as ceamic covering, walls, glass, false ceiling etc., snow load on the roof, load due to temperature difference in connection with exposure of steel system to outdoors, wind and seismic loads and fixtures and catwalks to be installed on the trusses in addition to the dead weight of the structure.
Façade steel construction column-beam system and composite deck members were manufactured in Ankara and sent to site for installation. Roof trusses having the length of 53 meters were manufactured in the workshop on site with two simultaneously welded connections. Following the completion of the manufacture of two trusses, cross vaults which are fixed on installation template side by side in the area next to the workshop and which will support roof membranes in between were installed. Thus, 76 trusses were installed in 38 modules consisting of 2 trusses each and installation time was reduced significantly. Each truss module is approximately 60 tonnes and lifted to its installation position with a crawling crane of 350 tonnes capacity. Truss-column connection previously designed with bolted connection has been revised as socket connection for the ease of installation and trusses were easily installed in their places. Cross vaults were installed in the area between each truss module with the help of another crawling crane at site. Meanwhile, construction elements which will support the façade membrane covering and give the triangular form were fixed to nodal points on the columns.
Steelin transforms light steel into art Prefabrik Yapı of Hekim Holding companies continues to bring in technological innovation to the industry with their new brand, Steelin. Steelin carries the expertise of Prefabrik Yapı in prefabricated light steel structures and ecological buildings to light steel structure industry. Steelin brings products with technology, aesthetics and durability together. With glamarous details in design, Steelin transforms light steel into art. Be ready to see light steel apartments
Steelin products range from luxury villas to multi-storey buildings, offices to long-span hangar structures; fast-built, economic and durable structures with unlimited options. Light steel buildings which allowed four storeys maximum can now be built up to eight storeys with new technologies and designs. Light steel structures designed without compromise from aesthetics differ from others with high and effective rate of return of investment. Majority of the structural elements with advanced technologies are manufactured with steel material which can be recycled up to 100%. Therefore, these structures become an environmentally-friendly and sustainable architectural products.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 41 - Eylül 2014

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