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Sayı: 51 - Nisan 2017


Ürgüp Ayvalı Steel Bridge

General Coordinator: Seka İnşaat Ltd. Steel Contractor: ARSEL Mühendislik & Mimarlik İnşaat Taahhüt Steel Manufacturer: Emin Celik Insaat Makina Ticaret Ltd.Sti. Steel Tonnage: 500 Tonnes

General Coordinator: Seka İnşaat Ltd. Steel 
Contractor: ARSEL Mühendislik & Mimarlik İnşaat Taahhüt 
Steel Manufacturer: Emin Celik Insaat Makina Ticaret Ltd.Sti. 
Steel Tonnage: 500 Tonnes 
Nevşehir is a world-renowned touristic area with its unique fairy chimneys. The bridge connects Urgup to Goreme. The steel arch bridge constructed in Nevsehir Urgup-Ayvali district has a length of 60 meters with a width of 10.50 meters. Kolların genişliği yaklaşık 0.20 Soil in the bridge location is comprised of soft volcanic tuff. Very large pores exist in the tuff, which complicates the design of a reliable foundation system. Since a large compressive force is transferred to the tips of the steel arch to establish a solid support for the arch, caissons with a diameter of 4 meters and length of 18 meters were constructed. 
Steel arches are composed of compact I-sections and strengthened in close intervals to ensure arch stability. Two steel beams are installed on the arch and diam­eter of the pins connecting the clusters to foundation is 30 cm. Bridge is constructed of steel with S355 grade. Total weight of steel construction is approximately 500 tonnes. Column is formed by using I-sections. Two main beams are located in superstructure in addition to intermediate bases and trans­verse beams. Construction of the bridge was convenient­ly executed thanks to its steel structure de­spite the difficulties of the construction area and completed in a short period. Nevşehir Ürgüp-Ayvalı Steel Bridge is in service since April 2016. 
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 51 - Nisan 2017

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