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Sayı: 24 - Ağustos 2010



After a long and feverish tempo of organizational process we are fast approaching the last few days towards the “Steel Structures Week 2010 İstanbul” Exhibition – Symposium - ECCS Bridge Competition - Constructional Steel Day - ECCS Meetings which will be held between the dates of 20 and 24 September, 2010 at Taksim The Marmara Otel.

Here are some notes on our travails:
The program of events can be found at www.sscs2010 . The latest information and news can be followed at the promtly updated web site.
The evening of 20 September 2010, at the Chamber of Architects, İstanbul, Karaköy Branch the coctail reception for the famous Italian architect Alessandro Zoppini Exhibition will take place.
Steel Structures Week 2010 İstanbul’s other invited guest speaker Prof. Dr. Jean Baptiste Schleich will be in Turkey delivering his presentation on “Fire Engineering, Architecture and Sustainability”
International Symposium titled “Steel Structures: Culture & Sustainability 2010” papers have been deliberated by the Science Committee. At the sympoius which will be held on the 21-23 September 2010, over 70 national and international presentations will be made in parallel sessions.
The Book of Symposium Papers is ready for publication. It is a culmination of careful study in 10 sections comprising 73 reports from 22 countries.
Reservations at hotels are being made as participants apply to the Symposium web site. This gigantic organization’s host Taksim The Marmara Hotel is getting ready.
The German “Steel Construction – Design and Research” quarterly has decided to publish a special issue for the International Symposium “Steel Structures: Culture & Sustainability 2010” which will be held on 21-23 September 2010.
Preparations for the Pleasure Boat are completed for the magnificent Bosphorous sailing the Symposium participants will be doing on the 21 September 2010 evening and there to do is only the praying for the weather to behave.
ECSS Steel Bridge Competition is concluded. German, Italian and Romanian projects are named for the three seperate categories of awards asssessed by the competition jurors. They will be receiving their awards on 22 September in İstanbul.
Ortaköy’s magical venue Esma Sultan Yalısı, on the evening of 22 Septembebr 2010 will be welcoming the national and international representatives of the Constructional Steel Sector. The historical seaside venue is anticipating its guests for an evening full of surprises.
The program for the Eleventh Constructional Steel Day which will be held on 23 September 2010 has been decided. Details of splendid steel works done by firms operating in the constructional steel sector in Turkey will be shared with the attendants of the 11th Constructional Steel Day which will be crowned by the forum titled “Future Opportunities for Steel Structures in Turkey and Neighnouring Countries” where the panoramic view of the sector will be put on the agenda. The coctail reception at the end will be a continuum of the day sharing the valuable information and making it the contender for the busiest day of the week.
During the symposium The Marmara Hotel’s Ball Room foyer at the Company Publicity Stands the sector firms, which have determined their corners, will be waiting for the participants.
TUCSA Executive Board President Prof. Dr. Nesrin YARDIMCI who has taken on the ECCS Presidency for the 2009-2010 Period, is deservedly proud with organizing the ECCS Meetings on 24 September 2010 in İstanbul. Prof. Dr. Nesrin YARDIMCI will be handing over her ECCS office to the German President of Constructional Steel Association.
The serious contributors to the Constructional Steel Week 2010, İstanbul have almost competed to be among the sponsors of the event as the sector companies.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 24 - Ağustos 2010

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