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Sayı: 24 - Ağustos 2010

Tosyalı Holding Özel Sayısı


Father şerif Tosyalı and sons Fuat

Father şerif Tosyalı and sons Fuat, Ayhan, and Fatih in three score years have put their stamp on such achievements that, as they put it, “couldn’t have imagined it” themselves. Tosyalı family is an example to the industrialists of the country. They have shown how to be daring, how to benefit from past experiences, to trust the land, how not to make concessions, how to be accountable for the land they stand on, to be efficient and never stop working, always seeking the best and the just, to be resolved for success and that there is always something to be done what ever the conditions.
Tosyalı family started its journey with Tosyalı Ticaret established in 1952, became corporate with Tosyalı Metal Ticaret Aş established in 1988. And subsequently came Tosyalı Demir Çelik Sanayi Aş in 1993, Tosyalı Dış Ticaret Aş in 1996, and at the beginning of 1998 Tosçelik Profil, and Sac Endüstri Aş which all gathered in the constitution of Tosyalı Holding in 1998.
Tosyalı Holding who has achieved great successes past and present by its technology, by its corporate structure ready for international integration, by its know-how and professional workforce apart from being a respectable firm nationally has proved itself internationally as well. Corporate management, reliability, customer oriented work ethics alongside providing permanent value for its suppliers and customers has emphasized developing in unison. Tosyalı Holding shouldering huge tasks in the developement of the region and the country today has 13 plants in 4 provinces, 2 in Osmaniye, 1 in İstanbul, 1 in İzmir, and 9 in İskenderun.
Eregli Demir ve Çelik Fabrikaları which was the sole flat producer of Turkey until Osmaniye plant began production with an investment of one billion dolars by Tosyalı Holding that has founded the first private flat plant from scratch in order to supply the Turkish industrialists’ demand that have for years been mainly importing.
The plant which has realized the first production of liquid steel in November 2009 is considered to solve the instability of flat-long steel production significantly. Tosyalı Holding CEO Fuat Tosyalı observes that by their investment they will be able to respond much faster to the demands of the tubular steel sector saying “Since our production of hot rolled coil sheet started both national and international customers have felt the difference. With the soon to begin production of our new tubular beam production line, we will be maximizing
even more our end products thus reinforcing our competitiveness. As a holding in 2009 we have reached a revenue of one billion dollars and exports above 300 million dollars. This year with the contribution of the new plant we envisage a revenue of 1.5 billion dollars and the exports to be above 400 million dollars. The plant to produce hot rolled sheet steel production of 2 million tons annual capacity is among the top 5 plants in Turkey. Osmaniye Flat and Constructional Steel Production (Yassı ve Yapısal Çelik Üretim Tesisleri) Plant consists of liquid steel production mill, pig steel production plant where the input material for rolled profiles are produced, slab production plant where the input material for flat products are produced, hot sheet steel rolling mill where hot flat products are made, oxygen producing plant, dust removel unit, water treatment plants, spiral tube production plant and for spiral tubes the internal and external epoxy, polyethylene, and concrete plating units. With the completetion of this plant, Tosyalı Group has become the first plant in Turkey and one of the notable plants worldwide that can manufacture everything under the same roof from crude material to the finished product, that is tubular beams.”
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 24 - Ağustos 2010

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