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Sayı: 29 - Ekim 2011



This is the first modern congress center constructed in steel in Libya.

Statics: Emir Mühendislik
Architect: Tabanlıoğlu
Contractor: System İnşaat

Historical evidence points to the humans around 4000BC with the instinct for survival have dug out caves from blocks can be deemed as first construction works. Clans and communities gathered together for common benefits in exchange of ideas, social activities around theatral plays and political debates and war and migration decisions were taken at amphitheatres of the c. 3500BC are seen today everywhere. Nowadays the architectural works constructed for the formulation of social and cultural perspectives, just like in the amphitheatre days, are called Congress Halls.
Construction of the Trablus Congress Hall, which reflects the regional beliefs and cultures and its landscape conditions, started in May 2009 and who knows maybe this structure will be a significant center for humanity.
Trablus International Congress Center, the foremost modern building, has a capacity of 3000 in the town center. The construction started on 25.05.2009 and it has been handed over to public constructional works completed on 15.02.2010 (design, landscaping and substructure). At the city center 35km to the airport, the Congress Center is easy to reach. The Hall is surrounded by green areas with palms and eucaliptus trees, also with luxurious hotels, sports facilities, and a library at the busiest heart of the city. Under the supervision of System Construction the process envision to be 240 days was completed in even less time. The complex presents the highest comforts while hosting various conferences.
One of the characteristics of the stsructure is that it comprises the second largest mesh screen in the world. Another significant feature is the use of facing and rigging systems for the first time in the world. This is a 9000 sq m woven decorative rigging for cold face application.
Another new system used on the other facade is a hanging glass pane of 14 m. This is the first modern congress center constructed in steel in Libya. The largest area in the building is a 3476 sp m main hall with 56m shared light. The total weight of steel used in the construction is near to 6250 tons.
The subterranean structure for water heating and cooling power can be monitored by the control center as well as from its own building. the material used in the building is produced of standard profile S275JR. Plates are used at the attachment details are S235JR and S355JR. Bulons used at connection details are ISO 10.9 quality, but the anchorage bulons are ISO 5.6. Steel parts of the constructional design are in AISC-LRFD (American Institude of Steel Construction – Load and Resistance Factor Design) standards and the reinforced concrete parts are ACI318 (American Concrete Institude). Seismic parameters were produced by a spesific study for the ground structure which directly has effect on the magnitude of the earthquake and in the category of UBC97 - Uniform Building Code standard was chosen with care. The effective dead weight of the structure, loads of facade coatings, wind loads, the regulation permitted minimum mobile loads, thermal loads, wall loads, and seismic loads were combined with coefficients from statistical studies from regulatory works were applied to the structure. Sap2000 and Etabs program were useduin making the 3D model for the design and analysis of the building. Production drawings were produced by Xsteel program.
Bearing system of the structure comprises of moment frames in both dimensions. Columns are placed in a grid system of 16mx16m forming typical floor panels. Architectural design was made in coordination with the arch. group to provide the optimum dimensions. Frame axis formed by the main beams in two directions were resolved as composite at the mid section of the span, thus providing a considerable advantage. Main beams were chosen as standard European quality S275JR for the easy transportation to the site and being plenty in stocks.same goes for the ribbed beams. For all cross sections every possible deplacement, bond, vibration, and resistance calculationswere checked. Ribbed profiles directionally alternate at every 16mx16m flooring panel. Thus all main axis profiles were coerced with the same vertical load, the loads transmitted to columns and foundation and the seismic loads to be shared in the same ratio which creates two identical frames with the same rigidity. Floors comprising of 16mx16m panels are formed by axis profiles and ribbed profiles. Composite designed ribbed beams have free rotation joints at connecting points at frame beams. All the bolts are 10.9 quality and tightened at torque values according to regulations and spesifications.
All the ribbed profiles and main axis profiles form a composite system with the 80mm + 70mm thick reinforced concrete floors. Composite flooring keeps the weight lower and steel cross sections and reinforced concrete flooring worked together creates extra financial advantages. Steel is suitable for the Congress hall’s modern design with wide expanses without columns. Column axis span is 16 m, the main confrence hall with 56m span with no columns is the main attraction of the building. This expansion is 3.5m high at the ridge and constructed in the form seen in diagram while the 8 m axis system traverses on one side the reinforced concrete columns and on the other side steel columns. This traverse system’s upper and lower flanges and roof stabilities are form in classical form. Roof bearing system is thus: Every 1.5 meters sits a continuous sill on the traverses that are spaced at 8 meter intervals. The connection between the two masses seen in the figure is formed by a 64 m long pedestrian way that is hung by tige from the roof.
To obtain the fire resistance time limits specified in fire regulations for steel constructions, the steel has to be treated with fire isolators. Consisdering the architectural requirements of the project concrete coating or paint are used as isolators accordingly.
The 56 m span of the structure, systems like 15 m consoles and drops today can not be constructed using any other material than steel. A steel structure construction of this scale to be finished and functioning in 8 months is quite an example to the speed ofsteel construction.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 29 - Ekim 2011

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