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Sayı: 38 - Ocak 2014



In addition to being the first contemporary museum example designed for a historical collection in Istanbul, Maritime Museum is the first public structure probably after the Bosphorus Bridge located by the Bosphorus. The most important space of the museum is the rowboat gallery housing one of the most important collections of the world. This space covers the rowboats like a glove. Rowboats are lined from the oldest to the newest and the longest to shortest next to each other to the fingers of this glove. 6 steel bridges with length varying from 25 meters to 45 meters form the mezzazine floor dividing the 14 m high ceiling of the boathouse with a floor space of approximately 3.000 sqm. Steel bridges acting as main beams form a spacious area not occupied with columns. The linear axis reaching from the foyer built as an extension of the entrance space on the boulevard side to the Bosphorus connects the galley with a wide view ramp reaching down the boathouse. This foyer with staircases providing a theatrical experience is also the entrance of the boathouse. Boathouse reminding a boatyard structure opening to the Bosphorus is designed to contain two different types of space structure. It is both a single space where all rowboats are perceived together and series of spaces containing separate niches for each rowboat. Rather than forming a closed-space hangar, space is enriched with diagonal views and daylight.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 38 - Ocak 2014

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