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Sayı: 38 - Ocak 2014



"The age we are in is the technology stage and now our age is in a great precession. This precession is occurring in technology, science and many other industries. However, architecture being the mainframe of all these and the structures cannot keep pace with this change rapidly. But I believe that in a few decades ahead, a very steady precession will be observed in construction industry. The space age we see in movies will come into being and this also has to be reflected on the structures. Structures need to respond to this requirement. This requirement will only be fulfilled with dismantled or movable buildings which can transform into many functions and have changeable plans. Because now there is a shortage of space in city centers and we are living in confined spaces, structures started to rise in number of storeys and in parallel, we have to construct buildings with more flexible solutions and changing functions. All these require thinner structural partitions and a more movable structure. With technology, more robotic buildings will be started to be constructed. The only material inspiring and enabling this is steel. We have to learn about steel very well, steel will become our primary material after some time. In addition to these, what I mention and care about extensively is nature. We continue to pollute the nature very fast and nature is consumed away. The type of structure with which we affect the nature the least and which is really respectful and humane to nature is steel structure."
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 38 - Ocak 2014

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