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Sayı: 22 - Şubat 2010


Dubai MU10 Office Building

Architect: Boran Ekinci-Hakan Dalokay Architectural Design: BORAN EKİNCİ MIMARLIK . Contractor: Premiere Group Location: Dubai Project type: Ofice Building Construction area: 13.435 m2 Dubai is almost an opportunities venue for certain projects. Here for the artistic, quality, luxury or prestige extraordinary budgets can be envisaged. This project when it came to us the structuring limits were very disheartening. The building was supposed to be in art Deco style, which forced us to turn back and leave. Here we planned a geometrical whole inside the building limits and a separate outer shell facilitated for us a sculptural, onion-like geometric building. One side of the site was a park and the other three were roads thus helped our approach. Like a solitary figure standing in the middle. The terraces enriched the space as well. These terraceswhich were encapsuled by a shadow creating shell even if were on the formal side thel nevertheless helped with the climate and were in accordance with the open area limitations. This building is a miracle in the given developement regulations.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 22 - Şubat 2010


Borusan Mannesmann Boru Sanayi


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Dubai MU10 Office Building
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