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Sayı: 37 - Eylül 2013



The carpark under construction is located in Alsancak, which is the most central and highly populated area of Izmir.

Owner: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality
Steel Manufacturing and Installation: Taykon Çelik-İzmir

The carpark under construction is located in Alsancak, which is the most central and highly populated area of Izmir. The plot on which the carpark is located was used as a gas station for long years in the past and was not used for a long time after the removal of gas stations out of city limits by the metropolitan municipality. Such a valuable plot in the city center is planned as a car park, however new solutions and projects had to be developed and designed as the floor area of the plot did not allow for a carpark with ramps. This special project is planned among the investments of year 2012 by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. The plot on which the project is to be constructed was expropriated in 2012 at a cost of 4.750.000 TL and construction work was tendered for 13.250.000 TL. Construction started in February 2013 and targeted to be completed in February 2014 in accordance with the foreseen work schedule.
Applicability of architectural and structural design along with compatibility of mechanical assemblies to this structure has been checked. The most important problem faced regarding this project is the installation of such a multi-storey steel structure without affecting daily life. With the accurate manufacturing plan and logistic plans, installation period initially planned as 120 days is completed within approximately 70 days. Thus, the project which seemed structurally complicated and costly is completed swiftly and within planned budget with the help of planning and management by experienced teams.
Before manufacturing stage, steel bearing structure was modelled in 3D. During this modelling study, manufacturing, delivery and installation work schedules were prepared. With regards to manufacturing stage of the steel structure, type of material generally used in the structure is S235JR, which is manufactured in standard for cross-sections. Bolts in connection details were supplied in 10.9 quality level. In all manufacturing stages, DIN 18800-7 and EN3834-2 standards which are also included in Taykon Çelik manufacturing process have been followed.
Automated carpark building has the floor area of 616 sqm with 11 floors and designed to serve 270 vehicles. In the building, there are 4 lifts which move in the vertical direction, platforms and carriers which move in the horizontal direction on floor levels, automated doors and control equipment. With the equipment the structure houses, it acts as a machinery frame in one sense. Steel design was modelled and sized in accordance with American ASD (Allowable Stress Design) specification. Hot-dipped galvanizing process is used in the frame of the structure. Galvanized coating is preferred as it is more durable against corrosion in comparison to paint. Details in line with hot-dipped galvanizing were considered for manufacturing process.
As the design was solved in accordance with dynamic loading and the structure is a machinery frame, it required a meticulous work in the installation stage. Connection details were chosen in accordance with the precision of the machinery. Partial and complete torquing was applied for avoiding changes in strength values of bolts and minimizing margin of error. Even the bolt directions were chosen and installed in a manner not to block lift lines. Steel installation is performed in stages starting from the back side of the building and vertical and horizontal precision was checked with total stations at each floor level. Thus, installation was completed with the tolerance in the level of 7-9 mm whilst level of 10 mm was required in 30 meters in horizontal and vertical direction. Tolerance in installation of bolts was measured as 2 mm.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 37 - Eylül 2013

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