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Sayı: 37 - Eylül 2013



Zafer KAROĞLU & Esen AKYAR, Founders of IGLO Architectural Office: “STEEL IS NEGLECTED!”

In Turkey, it is observed that steel needs a background to support us, the architechts; meaning, this cannot be realized with the architect’s personal efforts. This definitely requires a disciplined team work and certain details need to be available when required by the architect. Problems of architects need to be solved in this regard, otherwise you are alone on your path when you start your journey for the design of a steel structure, which may trouble many architects. If you are designing a major building, you are required to examine all materials and you need to have mastered materials whether it is reinforced concrete, prefabricated reinforced concrete, steel, conventional system or steel-concrete hybrid system so that you can direct the owner as the authority. Therefore, steel is neglected under this referral process as structures other than reinforced concrete are less known.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 37 - Eylül 2013

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