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Sayı: 47 - Nisan 2016


DESIGN & CONSTRUCT in its 10 Years by 2016

10th International Student Steel Bridge Design & Construct is one of the most important student organizations of Bogazici University.

10th International Student Steel Bridge Design & Construct is one of the most important student organizations of Bogazici University. The traditional steel bridge competition held by Bogazici University Construction Club since 2007 and participated by university students was held on 13-15 April 2016 with participation of teams from many universities in a festive atmosphere.
Aim of the competition is to bring students from engineering and architecture departments of universities together in a friendly environment, provide students the opportunity to present their bridges designed in theory and compete with other students against time, and promote historical and cultural sites of Istanbul. In the competition consisting of two stages, the first stage includes aesthetic evaluation of the bridges built in South Square by academics specialized in bridge architecture and civil engineering with senior management of industry leader companies. In the second stage where real competition is observed, competitors build their bridges in the carpark located in South Campus in the shortshortest time possible, the bridges are evaluated for worker-time efficiency, weight efficiency and displacement efficiency categories, and horizontal and vertical load tests are executed on the bridges. Monetary awards are given to the first three university teams as per the result of the general evaluation of the bridges.
31 teams from 8 different countries (Turkey, Italy, Iran, Romania, Crotia, Serbia, Slovenia, Poland) participated to International Student Steel Bridge Competition. 16 teams passing preselection was entitled to enter into competition and started construction stage of their bridges in the first week of February. Winners of Design & Construct International Steel Bridge Competition held in Bogazici University South Campus on 13-15 April 2016 are: Karadeniz Technical University winning the first place and the award of 10.000 TL, University of Maribor from Slovenia winning the second place and the award of 5.000 TL, and Eskisehir Osmangazi University winning the third place and the award of 2.500 TL. University
of Belgrade, Serbia won the award of 1.500 TL in aesthetics category.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 47 - Nisan 2016

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