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Sayı: 47 - Nisan 2016



Gymnasium located in central campus of Nevşehir University has a plot area of 4800 sqm and 8800 sqm of usage area. In construction stage, soil investigations were performed and foundation type is chosen as raft foundation. Reinforced concerete-steel system is considered in consideration of structure’s functionality and desired forms in the façade. Construction is completed in 2013. Full span in foyer and gymnasium
areas is crossed by utilizing single truss.
Plywood formwork system is used in foundations, reinforced concrete slabs, beams, columns and other structural members.
There are many advantages to using this system. Reasons of preference are high strength and availability to use in desired shape and dimensions. Following completion of the foundation, reinforced concrete members are completed and installation of steel members followed.
Upon completion of reinforced concrete and steel elements, structure is completed with façade aluminum composite system. Curvilinear shell is supported with steel trusses. In parallel to above processes, electrical and mechanical works followed and reinforced concrete works, electrical and mechanical plumbing works are completed. 

General Introduction of Structural System:
Structure Area: 4550 m2 (65m x 70m building outer dimensions)
Building Height: 19.9 m
Foundation System: Raft
Supporting System: Main Frame Reinforced Concerete-Steel 

Design Principles:
Supporting system is steel system in main frame. Façade system is composed of aluminum composite system.
Supporting System and Solution Principles: 
Foundation is considered as raft foundation considering bearing capacity of the soil.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 47 - Nisan 2016

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