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Sayı: 47 - Nisan 2016


Madinah Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport

International Airport, constructed by TAV Construction which was announced as no.1 in 2014 and 2015 by Engineering News Record (ENR) in airport construction, is opened on 2 July 2015.

International Airport, constructed by TAV Construction which was announced as no.1 in 2014 and 2015 by Engineering News Record (ENR) in airport construction, is opened on 2 July 2015.
Project Name: Madinah Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz International Airport Rehabilitation,
Expansion and Development
Design and Construction Works
Project Owner: Saudi Arabia Civilian Aviation General Directorate
Project Investor: TIBAH Airports Development
Company (TAV Airports Holding, Al Rajhi Holding and Saudi Oger Consortium)
Project Contractor: TAV Tepe Akfen Investment Construction and Operation
Incorporated Company and Al Arrab Undertaking Company Consortium
Project Start Date: 30-June-2012

Project Delivery Date: 1-February-2015 Passenger: 8 million/year
Project Scope:
• Construction of New Terminal Building with area of 156,940 m2
• Construction of New Apron with area of 268,457 m2
• Extending of 17-35 Runway by 500 meters and Rehabilitation of 17-35 Runway
• Capacity Increase of Luggage Carriage System: 2,200 luggages/hour
• Construction of 16 Passenger Boarding Bridge Buildings and 32 Mechanical Passenger Boarding Bridges
• Airport Mosque with 1,000 capacity, Energy – Cooling – Waste Water Treatment
– Potable Water – Hazardous Material Storage – Aircraft Rescue and Fire Brigade, Hajj / Umrah
• Construction of total of 21 Buildings including Passenger Entertainment Buildings,
Family and Bachelor Residences • Construction of Open Carpark with
capacity of 2,000 cars
Project Contract Price: $ 962.562.307
Several Figures from Project:
• Steel Works: 14,320 tons
• Reinforced Concrete Works: 89,161 m3
• Earthworks: 10,000,000 m3
• Backfilling Works: 2,800,000 m3,
Remarks: TAV, with its partners Al Rajhi Group and Saudi Oger, started construction of Madinah Airport New Terminal, which is the first airport privatization of Saudi Arabia, in June 2012 after winning the bid for the project. 32 passenger boarding bridges are present in the terminal building having an area of 156.940 sqm. In addition to the terminal building, TAV executed construction of 26 additional buildings, 2 runways and 3 parallel taxiways. Airport which is completed ahead of schedule in 31 months, suitable for expansion, having the ability to service aircrafts of all sizes and using the latest technology was opened in development, has the capacity to meet not only the needs of the campus in which it is located but also the social and sportive needs of the city. Nevşehir University Gymnasium has been formulated structurally to meet social and sportive needs of the campus. Technical characteristics of the project can be interpreted as an architectural
difference. Structure is designed in two storeys. First storey consists of technical units and main sports areas. Second floor consists of cafes forming social meeting and resting areas and sports areas.
Project shines out in the campus not only through its technical competency but also its architectural expression. Organic aspect of Cappadoccia area is formed into modern lines in design. Design of the structure with dominant colors such as white, yellow and black on the topography where pastel colors of Cappadoccia are dominant is striking.
It is aimed to form contrast in the campus through sculpturesque and iconic form of the structure. References are made to modern forms arising out of Cappadoccia area especially through organic circular forms.
Color harmony with the topography is desired through the choice of white, yellow and black. Reference is made to its location and function through the form of the structure and dynamic lines in the façade, evoking the feeling of being in a university campus.
Being a sports structure, located in a university campus and user profile consisting of young people highlights concepts such as dynamism, excitement and adrenaline.
Yellow forms surrounding the structure through soft turns on the white shell supports the above. It is also considered to extend this effect through special lighting systems.
Gymnasium satisfies the standards both for practices and official competitions with its 1200 spectator capacity, sufficient number of changing rooms, referee-trainer rooms, handicapped areas and tennis, handball and basketball courts. In addition, 6 climbing walls (3 for children and 3 for adults) with different inclinations exist in the gymnasium.
These climbing walls can also be used for various competetions. Further to these technical qualifications, gymnasium includes cafeteria, fitness center, boxing-wrestling-taekwando-squash and table tennis courts, sauna and massage rooms. Press and protocol areas are present in tribune having a capacity of 1200 spectators. Gymnasium has separate entraces for protocol, athletes, spectators and referees. Structure having a plot area of 4800 sqm and total construction area of 8800 sqm
consists of both steel and reinforced concrete.
Shell structure in curvilinear form is supported by trusses.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 47 - Nisan 2016

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