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Sayı: 65 - Ağustos 20



H. Yener Gür’eş: TUCSA Board Chairman

We had discussed the subjects “Construction Industry is Changing its Shell” and “Steel Structures Magazine is being updated” in the 64th issue of Çelik Yapılar (Steel Structures) magazine under the heading “Corona Accelerated Change”. We will continue sharing how construction industry has changed its shell in Steel Structures.
We had shared with yourselves that our Steel Structures magazine was undergoing an update since 1 July 2020 in line with the progress and change in the world and it wasgoing to be issued in every two months rather than every three months. These updates have started to become reality.
The feedback we have received is positive and encouraging our publishing group. Furthermore, the start of active use of Linkedin, Instagram, Youtube and Facebook pages of Turkish Construction Steel Association (TUCSA) helps us further progress our dialogue with the industry stakeholders.
21st Structural Steel Day
In the 21st Structural Steel Day to be held online on 11-12 November 2020 with the public and local authorities to be invited, the theme will be “Earthquake and Steel” with interesting panels and presentations whilst the second day having the theme of “Construction Industry Evolves to Modular Structures” will include select projects, technical presentations and the award ceremony as in the previous years. It is planned that the language of the event will be Turkish for this year.
Several arrangements have been made for the companies to advertise in this organisation: Presentations and studies mentioned above in addition to presentations on the innovations in the industry by sponsoring companies in defined time slots will take place in the main hall. The audience will have the opportunity to visit the sponsors’ web sites by clicking on the sponsor logos on the screen for the two-day event and have private conversations with specific sponsors in One-to-One Interview (B2B) rooms. In summary, the participants will have the same opportunities in the online platform as in thehotel facilities.
Registrations for our event to which all industry stakeholders and interested parties are invited will open in September.
Being together in health and well-being for the 21st time is the most sincere wish of Turkish Construction Steel Association. 
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 65 - Ağustos 20

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