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Aydın Kulaksız: YAÇEM General Manager

As YAÇEM Academy started its remote training and seminar sessions in 2018, it was easy to adapt to changing conditions in COVID-19 pandemic times. In July and August, many of our industry experts shared their experiences with the steel industry stakeholders in YAÇEM Academy online platforms asin the previous months.
With YAÇEM Academy; we came together with our industry stakeholders on 14 July 2020 Tuesday in the live presentation “Dimensioning as per Capacity Design Principles in Central Truss Steel Frames” by TUCSA member Prof. Dr. Bülent Akbaş, which also included explanations on design principles in line with the national regulation “Design, Calculation and Execution Principals of Steel Structures (2018)”.
On 17 July 2020 Friday, we also had the presentation “Galvanize for Structural and Industrial Steel Manufacturers” by Bünyamin Halaç, TUCSA Board Member and GALDER Founder
Board Member.
On 22 July 2020, TUCSA member Dr. Cem Haydaroğlu addressed to the participants with its presentation “Earthquake Resistant Steel Structure Design”.
On 28 July 2020, we met with our participants in our 14th webinar with the presentation “Common Subjects in Quality Control System (ISO 9001) and Welding Quality Requirements (ISO 3834)” by Mechanical Engineer and Welding Engineer
İlker Ergun.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 65 - Ağustos 20

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