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Sayı: 54 - Şubat 2018


KNDU-AHK Antalya

Project Location: Antalya, Turkey Architectural Design:Gökhan Avcıoğlu & GAD Structure Type: Residential

Project Location: Antalya, Turkey
Architectural Design:Gökhan Avcıoğlu & GAD
Structure Type: Residential 

Antalya is a touristic city located in the Mediterranean region of Turkey, which possesses a significance in national and global tourism and the third most visited city after Paris and London pursuant to 2013 assessment results. The project is located in KUNDU, 20 kilometers to the city center and 12 kilometers to Antalya Airport, in the vicinity of an area with a significant tourism potential. The touristic coastline where 5-star hotels are located neighbours the project location and direct access to the Mediterranean Sea from the project area is available. The project area also borders with Aksu stream in the east, which connects to the Mediterranean Sea and where certain activities are held. Facilities for sports and social activities are being planned on the shore of Aksu stream.
The project aims a sustainable design which can co-exist with the nature. Solar panels which provide significant energy savings are to be installed on the roof of every unit. The layout on the unit and general planning level is based on the North-South axis in order to maximize solar efficiency.
Our design, which is desired to work with environment and nature, is also convenient in terms of fundamental climatization principles. All openings in the structure were designed in deference to wind directions specific to Antalya and natural ventilation principles in order to provide a more comfortable internal space and environment.
Our sustainable design understanding aims for the construction of environmentallyfriendly residential units which can produce its own energy based on the maximum utilization of daylight and natural climatization. Wood siding considered on the underlying structure acts as a shell providing the light balance in the internal spaces, assisting the climatization and enabling private space segregation in landscaping, hence playing a significant role in design.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 54 - Şubat 2018

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