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Sayı: 54 - Şubat 2018


“Müze Salon” in Argos in Cappadocia

The space we call “Müze Salon”, a gathering space with a unique heritage as a linseed oil production facility, is located in the town of Uchisar in Cappadoccia,

Project Location: Uçhisar, Nevşehir, Turkey
Design and Construction: 2014 - 2017
Employer: Argos Turizm
Architectural Design and Application: Argos Yapı
Design: Aslı Özbay, Architect
Steel-Reinforced Concrete: Şükrü Yıldız,C.Eng., Mustafa Keyif, C.Eng. / SOM

The space we call “Müze Salon”, a gathering space with a unique heritage as a linseed oil production facility, is located in the town of Uchisar in Cappadoccia, the home to Anatolia’s magical and perhaps the most interesting lands. Argos in Cappadoccia has been started to be facilitated as one of the newest spaces of the hotel since the beginning of 2018. Information on soil characteristics after excavation showed the grandness of the space and having a rock roof. The ground was filled with the remains of the linseed oil production area destroyed by a rockslide happened in a century not known to us. Later, a house was built in the same location, possibly after 17th century. This house was also demolished after 1970’s and the ground was filled with debris. The new project desired to be built on such a historical development is designed by abiding to the traces of the old linseed oil production facility and the partially-demolished house. This mixed use structure was developed by renewing the mass of the residential remains on the south side and designing a gathering space which covers the whole ground of the linseed oil production facility in the northern side. The main function of the structure commissioned by the end of 2017 is “Müze-Salon”, which is a multi-functional gathering and exhibition space having a size of 120 squaremeters in the ground floor. Furthermore, an extensive kitchen to serve the guests in the gathering space, backstage, toilets and technical spaces with rock-carved exhibition halls are located in the ground floor. Two large suite rooms are located on the upper floor.
The height of the gradual structure was determined by the curvilinear form of the rocks on the west side in addition to the clearance height of the surrounding structures. In order to break the influence of the cover mass with dimensions of 10m x 11m, cubical masses were placed on top. Basic approach of the design is to emhasize the impression of the extraordinary new discovery on the ground floor with the material and surface texture on the facade. However, the harmony with the mass to be located in the traditional coherence of the village was not to be waived. In this respect, conventional architectural elements of the region were stylized and used with dimensional changes. Ceiling of Müze-Salon is supported by a composite vault roof with its top at 5-meter height and having a clear span of 8,55 meters on the inside. The rib arch system crossed with 1.60m spacings from axis to axis and built with arch stones having dimensions of 80/30/20 is closed with ribbed vault system on the west side. In order to support the stone rooms on this drop vault cover, a steelframe support system was designed on the inside. This steelframe system having the ducts for the heating and cooling system of the structure within and the drop vault system were designed as members separately acting in terms of structural design.
In order to have a useable space and exhibit the linseed oil production facility on the ground, a transparent slab was designed.
The bedstones and mule ways are easily observed and walked upon with the use of glass surfaces supported by iron members located on mosaic plinths.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 54 - Şubat 2018

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