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Sayı: 27 - Mart 2011


VAKKO HQ Steel Construction Project

The structure consists of a steel core and a surrounding reinforced concrete system. The limited space of application and reinforced concrete environment system caused the biggest problem at the start of the project for the steel structures assembly. Furthermore there was the issue of the proposed steel system compared to classic orthogonal buildings, that had connection details yet to be solved.

First of all the profile dimentions and connection principles together with the applied statics design of the architectural model was determined. For the 3D model in accordance with the architecture was made in general for the steel structure in consideration of the statics calculations could be made. While the modelling was in the making and compared to the architecure, the definitive steel model to be realized inner connection types and profile types were worked out precisely.

Firstly the size and order of pieces to be assembled were to be determined correctly. Only then the study for the application of the modelling could begin. The whole construction in phases from start to finish was constructed as the CRANE-ASSEMBLY PLAN. Considering the steel, reinforced concrete, glass plate works the CRANE TOWER was placed at the most appropriate point for maximum efficiency and easy dismantling at the last phase. During steel assembly CRANE TOWER alone was not sufficient in regards of tonnage and space. Instead of a larger CRANE TOWER another MOBILE CRANE for short term support was decided to be economical and time efficient. Taking into consideration of transportation the size and weight of pieces were determined.

The steel structure has been formed by the RECTANGULAR PRİSMS that were designed for various functions in various sizez that are seeming randomly arranged. These groups of structure which are devided in themselves into feasible assembly teams that can be put together on site and connected to the completed concrete levels affected the resulting application model. Especially the stairs, lift and bridge elements harmony between the steel system and the reinforced concrete was provided the production model for the steel was not possible. Therefore the 3d model had to comprise the elements other than the steel structure that had to be monitored like the finished concrete levels, suspended ceiling and glass plate allignments.

Steel PRODUCTION work started on March 15, 2008. Steel ASSEMBLY work was completedon July 15, 2008. Shortly in 3 months all the application work was completed. Apart from the design phase forming the conceptual architecture, the production of the architectural application, the resulting architectural plans feasible for building and coordinated statics studies, just the connection details to be solved and the steel model to be applied and production of the shop drawings took 6 months. On the fourth month of this process production started for considerations of time.

Steel structure employed as the architectural element leaves the STEEL BRACES prominently in the open contrary to those hidden in standard buildings. As long as in accordance with the architectural concept steel structural elements were formed into specialized elements of this design.

VAKKO Headquarters Building exhibits the characteristics of a perfect example as a successfull application of an architectural concept where its elements are visible in detail when the work consisting of Architecture – Statics – Mechanics – shop Drawing – Production – Transport – Quality Control – Assembly – Work Safety – Fire – Corrosion phases have been properly managed.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 27 - Mart 2011


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