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Sayı: 27 - Mart 2011



Yusuf B. TIMBIR, YBT Mühendislik “In our country colleagues, both architects and engineers, mostly do not think that this is a collective task and that one of the important architectural design aspects is the constructional design. Perhaps this is our reality. Actually in the economical sense a reality in regards of project design. Because the contribution of time allotted to projects, designs, construction engineering to the architectural success unfortunately is not heeded much. Or those arch

Talking for myself, we see it like this: a building can only be architecturally successful when is coupled with the successful engineering. A bearing system that is well hidden and in harmony with the architecture as if not even present. Yet not covering it up and hiding it. And sometimes deliberately make all the bearing system elements plainly obvious. What differentiates our work from the common is the more time and labour we spend on them. Anyway engineering is the same for all projects. 2 times 2 is always 4. Construction engineering principles are definite and bounding. In its limits limitless works can only be possible with the cooperation of the architect.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 27 - Mart 2011


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