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Sayı: 27 - Mart 2011



Architectural Design Terminal building as the entrance to the city was designed in Selcuklu style reflecting the region which was the wish of by the client. The Selcuklu works in the city center are restored and being used even today which is significant. Actually the building where Sivas Congress was held is standing as the emblem of the republic. Terminal building for the city of Sivas that still bears significant historical traces is designed and the design criteria formed in a modern interp

Seljuklu architecture’s common ground is studied and integrated in the final design. Brick and stone masonry being significant in this era the geometrical decorations are reflected in motifs and reliefs on the facades and are repeated everywhere has been employed in the Sivas airport’s national and international terminals.

The esteem for Selcuklu was interpreted into modern forms and production technics instead of mere repetition of their motifs.

National and international terminal buildings has been designed under two winged steel roofing where they meet in an angle and give the impression of flying. The winged cover is carried by steel column bases and capitals were cast.


The structure stands in a 3rd grade earthquake and 3rd grade snow fall zone. The region is approximately 1600 meters above sea level. Basement level is reinforced concrete to the mantel base. Above this basement is the steel construction fırst floor. Mezzanize is formed by orthogonal colums and steel beamed frames. The steel shell which also takes in the first floor consists of an irregular structure. There are no lateral and vertical steel braces. Roof being wavy columns slanting in various directions lateral loads have been met with roof and column elements.

Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 27 - Mart 2011


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