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Sayı: 64 - Haziran 2020



While the world is changing, President of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association (TUCSA) addressed two of the changes under the following headings:

While the world is changing, President of Turkish Constructional Steelwork Association (TUCSA) addressed two of the changes under the following headings:
Construction Sector Is Changing its Shell
TUCSA believes that our existence in the world, based on capturing the current technology, making progress with innovation and R&D, not staying behind the transformation of the structures from the conventional system to the industrial product structure, in other words, with science and technology.
While evaluating the change in the construction sector in an effort to catch up with science and technology, we have seen the following points stand out:
1. The construction sector in the world has been the least developing or a minimally decreasing sector compared to other sectors since 1995.
2. The two sectors where digitization (digitalization) has made the least progress within the scope of Industry 4.0, which also includes the UN Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), are the construction and agriculture sectors.
3. Sector has to Change its Shell. In this context, the following are necessary;
a. To make structures lighter, more flexible and modular,
b. To build structures in a factory environment to ensure quality control,
c. To use information more intensive and to use advanced technology,
d. To produce light and practical construction material to export, as the automotive industry.
e. The result of this is: Industrial Building Production. Our capacity to build the proposed structures is sufficient.
4. One of the biggest value of the countries is knowledge and creative scientists.
5. Considering the developing technologies and information technologies, agile systems are needed instead of idle systems.
In order to be more competitive in the world of construction industry; it is necessary
• To reduce the costs by using technologies such as artificial intelligence, robot technology, building information modelling (BIM), augmented / virtual reality,
• To increase the quality and thus switch to the industrial product modular building system, which can be defined as a durable / resilient building system.
Steel Structures Magazine is Being Updated
The world is changing. People’s needs, preferences and lifestyles are changing. Therefore, it was decided to change the Steel Structures (Çelik Yapılar) magazine in accordance with the requirements of the day. We tried to increase the legibility and make it a reference publication, by making the following innovations.
1. While Steel Structures continues as a printed magazine, as it used to be, it will also be published as a digital magazine to reach more readers. The purpose of the digital version is to take the magazine to the reader, in other words to its screen, instead of searching for the magazine.
2. The content of Steel Structures has been developed and enlarged.
3. It is aimed to establish a system that will allow a wide audience to feel as part of the magazine by giving priority to improving communication with the reader through innovations such as reader opinions and surveys.
4. Steel Structures published quarterly, will meet you every two months starting from July 1, 2020, taking into account the responses to the first survey we have conducted so far. 
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 64 - Haziran 2020

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