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Sayı: 34 - Aralık 2012


Ipera 25 Vested With A New Character by Using Steel

An unqualified warehouse building in Beyoğlu Galata turned into something different in the hands of Architect Ahmet Alataş and became İpera 25.

Mr. Alataş describes that the building is a very simple building and it is possible to consider the building as a 9 floor conventional project in which they created a duplex penthouse by combining the duplexes on the top floor, although at the beginning they were planning to build 10 studio apartments according to the m?. Mr. Alataş also explained that they did not want to confine little apartments with walls, instead, by stealing a bit from the street with transparent facade, they wanted to enlarge apartments. By mentioning the involvement of steel in the project, Mr. Alataş also added that they tried to use steel according to their needs, and combined it with reinforced concrete to take the advantages of it. Consequently, by using the composite structures having unit price and usage advantages, he tried to get maximum span, and also considerably economical solution in comparison with complete steel construction.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 34 - Aralık 2012

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