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Sayı: 34 - Aralık 2012


Stone, wood “piece of sense” but steel is “piece of mind”

According to Dücane CÜNDİOĞLU, one of the philosophers of Turkey, Stone, wood “piece of sense” but steel is “piece of mind” Stone, brick and wood are the past. Glass and steel are the present...

“Stone, brick and wood are the past. Glass and steel are present….”
“As modern architecture developed the use of glass and carried it to wide surfaces, no need for walls any more. Because, by using steel columns and traverses, there is no need to lean the weight of the building on walls. The bearing function of the walls ended, and so the concrete arms…”
“I dream of a small mosque made of glass and steel. Transparent, inside and outside. Transparent and plain. A small, modest mosque. Thin and elegant in human size...”
All of these quotations are depicted from the book of ”Philosophy and Architecture” written by Mr. Dücane Cündioğlu, one of the important philosophers in Turkey,... Probably Mr. Cündioğlu wrote these quoted lines without thinking that they could be published in such a technical publication like Steel Constructions Magazine. This book is a study to assess the architecture from philosophic point of view. The way of Mr. Dücane Cündioğlu intersects with steel and steel constructions in his book “Philosophy and Architecture”. Your route also intersects steel constructions in a way, no matter how, even if you are an archaeologist, author, philosopher, sociologist or psychologist, medical doctor or a pilot, artist or a student in any areas. There are much more to say of course, but it is better to finish by reiterating our title “Great Minds Think Alike”...
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 34 - Aralık 2012

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