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Sayı: 35 - 2013/1



Kars Airport Terminal Building has a construction area of approximately 17.000 m2 with 1 basement floor with a height of 5 meters and steel construction framework forming the roof of the structure.

Setting out of the roof and framework providing the space are composed of triangular elements in plan. Supporting framework have been supported by circular reinforced concrete columns. Spans of the framework are variable and the distance between columns of the largest span is approximately 38 meters. Skylights of the roof have been provided by raising one edge of these triangular elements.
Frame column and beams have been designed as built-up I-sections. Column section height within this frame is variable whereas beam section height has been designed as constant. Heights of built-up sections differ with regard to their location and span lengths. Sections forming the façade of the structure have been designed as I1060 whereas sections with span lengths longer than approximately 25 meters at the centre with wide triangular areas supported on the roof have been designed as H1760 and sections with shorter span and supporting smaller triangular areas have been designed as H1260.
Triangular areas formed by frames were to be closed with secondary beams, however high snow loads in the region caused problem of high displacement values. Furthermore, spaceframe system has been preferred for the triangular area as supporting system as the dimensions and connections of these beams could cause problem in design and execution. Height of the spaceframe system is also variable with regard to size of triangular areas. Depths of the spaceframe roof are in 3 different sizes as 80-120-150 cm from the top of the beam.
Connections of frame columns and beams are moment-transferring type and horizontal stability is achieved with frame elements and spaceframe roof. Force equilibrium is partially achieved as frame columns form a node on the reinforced concrete column. This horizontal effect is also observed in spaceframe roof supports connecting to roof beams. Column supports have also been modelled with shell elements in software and required connection and section checks have been performed.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 35 - 2013/1

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