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Sayı: 35 - 2013/1


Ataköy Plus AVM

Sustainability was the greatest factor in our choice of steel structure.

Steel structure enabled the construction of common structure to be located on top of two different diaphragm decking with connection to roller supports in one piece, forming a more functional and aesthetic structure with crossing long spans with smaller sections.
Steel structures are designed in accordance with Turkey Seismic Code Eurocode 3-2005 (design of steel structures) and AISC-AJD89. Lateral loads (earthquake and wind) on structure are countered with diagonals, vertical loads are countered with H-section columns whereas beams are composed of I-sections. Beam-beam and column-beam connections are designed with 10.9 grade high-strength bolts.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 35 - 2013/1

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