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Sayı: 43 - Nisan 2015


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Yalın Evler / Simple Houses

Yalın Evler / Simple Houses
Project: Yalın Evler (Simple Houses)
Owner: Fako, Keleşoğlu, Zilal
Architectural Design: Alatas architecture & consulting
Ahmet Alataş, Emre Acar, Mehmet Emir Vaizoğlu, Serap Bilgen, Dilan Yüksel, Nur Sevim, Ayşen Duman, Yunus Özdemir
Structural Design: Timka, Werkraum Wien
Project Location and Year: istanbul, Kemerburgaz 2010 - 2014

Structure located in Istanbul/Kemerburgaz with the construction area of 40.000 sqm was constructed in a composite system where reinforced concrete and steel is used together with the purpose of responding to problems in residence structures in the best way possible.
In order to enable adaptation during changing requirements in the process in plans, to provide maximum space and light in the structure with perviousness and use the available construction space as much as possible, thick-walled steel pipes with 18 cm diameter supporting columns which do not support lateral forces were used in the structure where lateral forces were countered by sheet walls surrounding vertical circılation members in every 30 meters.
In the structure where all external façade was constructed in glass transparently, external shear walls of the vertical circulation shafts in the façade were designed with steel K-beams in order not to affect the transparency.
Fire protection paint was used to protect the steel members designed to be visible for fire insulation purposes.
Constructed with two spans of 140 meters and 90 meters without expansion joints considering thermal expansion calculations, continuous inner corridors were designed along the building and corridors to enable fresh air and light in central corridors providing lateral circulation.
Required connection elements in inner corridors providing lateral circulation protected from external affects with a glass façade along the building in order to enable different slab planes of the structure to act as a whole were constructed with steel diagonal members designed to carry only lateral loads and not to affect the perviousness in the structure.
Designed by Werkraum Wien and with emphasis on optimization during structural calculations, spans were crossed with steel with a quantity of 24 kg/sqm in the 4.500 sqm steel roof.
Green walls designed at locations where two structure blocks are closest in the land plot are supported by steel trusses suspended on the structure designed with four storeys to simultaneously support lateral stabilization of the structures.
Reinforced concrete slab and steel supporting system combination used in the structure was designed to provide maximum contribution to end users’ life quality with enabling economy at the same time.
It is possible to construct slabs with conventional methods or prestressed systems in reinforced concrete and columns in steel in the case that long spans do not exist in the structure, which enables benefiting from all advantages of a steel structure and constructing the structure in a swift and economical manner. Therefore, using composite systems to increase of steel and constructing better structures provides new possibilities.
Design with beamless reinforced concrete slab having the thickness of 25 cm and steel columns enables view of terrace or gardens with a continous glass façade enables the spaces to be continous and fluid with the supporting structural system.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 43 - Nisan 2015

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