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Sayı: 43 - Nisan 2015


Salon Architecure and Steel Ideas

Melike ALTINIŞIK: “We Try to Encourage Steel System in Our Projects” Alper DERİNBOĞAZ: “Wrong execution in structures designed with steel is minimal since it has to be constructed with one-to-one precision “

 Both had received their architectural degrees in Turkey, ITU Faculty of Architecture. Then, they both reinforced their disciplines abroad and worked in world-renowned architecural offices. Next, they fouded Salon Architectural Office together. This month, we had our steel structure conversation with architects with Arch. Melike ALTINIŞIK and Alper DERİNBOĞAZ, who made significant emphasis on steel structures and whose visions need to be heard…
“We really try to use steel in most of our projects. It all starts with us, starting with developing the projects; in which standards do we develop our projects? We do not use usual project development methods executed in architectural offices in Turkey. There is a difference here. What do we do? We include design inputs we call “Digital Fabrication” or inputs which enable off-site production from the beginning to our projects. For this purpose, we have special tools that we have developed. We developed our own software. Biggest contribution of this method enables a common language with engineers since engineers are the first professionals we interact with in the first place. We try to fill the gap that exists between architects and engineers with technical infrastructure. In doing so, we use “BIM”, “Building Information Modelling”, which is one of the most valuable assistants of steel and this provides the main language to form the mutual structure with engineers in design stage. In this respect, reveal whether it is constructable during the execution of the projects. Which material should we choose, who will manufacture it, is it possible to manufacture it or what are the constraints in doing so? We ask all the questions and look for solutions.”
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 43 - Nisan 2015

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