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Sayı: 57 - Eylül 2018



tructure Category Award Ashgabat International Airport Terminal

 Structure Category Award Ashgabat International Airport Terminal Ashgabat International Airport Terminal Building’s long-span roof movable at all directions has set an example which illustrates the use of all advantages of structural steel. The roof section on the terminal part is in the form of a hawk with the dimensions of 350mx70m (excluding the head section) and supported with reinforced concrete columns placed at 36m intervals in one direction and 30m in the other direction to create the comfort of a terminal space. The hawk’s head forms a cantilever structure towards the front end of the body section by 36m. Primary and secondary truss structures with 3m height in both directions have been constructed to form the roof structure. A flowing steel construction was designed to enable a geometry that is closest to the hawk’s undulating form on the back and the wings in both directions. No expansion joint was required on the steel roof in one direction for 70m. On the other axis, the part on each four column group works as a cantilever structure of 12m with a 30cm distance with the adjacent block roof structure and divided into 60x70m areas. The 36m-long cantilever head section starts at an elevation of 9 meters and slims towards the tip. It has been found more favorable structurally and economically to construct this part with a space frame steel structure with 3m modulation instead of conventional steel system with which the body part had been formed. This space frame structure connecting to the primary trusses at the border of the terminal building and the transfer of considerable horizontal and vertical loads to these trusses required a meticulous design, engineering and geometrical integrity study. Especially in the cantilever structure direction; horizontal trusses were formed in additiona darto vertical trusses for the safe transfer of the tension forces on the top of the head and the compression forces at the bottom to the main structure. In addition to the Terminal blocks, Bridge and Hotel Blocks were also covered with steel structures. Visuals for each block can be found in the attached pages. It was not possible to solve this roof having an amorph structure and large spans economically and safely with any material but structural steel. Completing construction of this section 20m above the final finished level without any formwork and dense scaffolding and its lightness in comparison to other materials enabled convenience and swiftness for construction, and decreased the horizontal forces to be formed in the event of an earthquake.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 57 - Eylül 2018

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