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Sayı: 57 - Eylül 2018



Structure Category Award Mersin Sports Hall

 The sports hall structure with the construction area of approximately 28.000 squaremeters has a reinforced concrete frame structure whilst the cover on the hall area and the surrounding canopy was designed with structural steel. The height of the structure reaches up to 24 meters with the roof cover. The structure surrounding the main frame and forming the terraces at the spectator entrance level was also designed and constructed in steel. The steel roof has an area of 105 x 78 meters and is formed of two diagonal trusses with variable heights, 500cm-deep trusses on each side and beams to support the roof covering. The whole system is supported by the reinforced concrete frame. Each truss was designed with a fixed support on one side and sliding support on the other.
Almost all of the structural members of the structural system was formed of tube sections. Steel parameters used in design were: St-44 (S275JR) grade steel, Yield point: 2800 kg/cm², Modulus of elasticity: 2100000 kg/cm², Shear modulus: 810000 kg/cm², Heat expansion coefficient:0,000012, ?all = 1.65 t/cm² for St-44. The circular main support member surrounding the reinforced concrete structure was formed of purpose-built Ø 406.4x10 steel columns. The two columns placed side by side in every axis were designed to support not only the canopy but also the composite floor slab. These steel columns are fixed to reinforced concrete supports placed in line with the column angles at different levels. Reinforced concrete blocks planned to separate the tribunes at the four corners of the structure are functional structures including vertical circulation and form a support for the steel roof. The locations and form of these blocks allowed the separation of the tribunes and placing the roof trusses diagonally contrary to common practice. The four reinforced concrete supporting towers were first connected to each other with 50 and 28 meter trusses in X and Y directions, then interconnected with two 105-meter long trusses. The nodes formed on the four corners rest on the reinforced concrete blocks whilst the scoreboard is planned to be put up at the central intersection point coinciding with the exact center of the sports hall. Trusses similar to the ones forming the outer frame but with 28 and 17-meter lengths are located close to the center. Height of the diagonal 105-meter trusses designed to form a rectangular cross-section are designed to be curvilinear with heights differing from 450cm to 770cm in line with the roof slope.
These trusses are also functional trusses through which all installations and catwalks pass through. Next, roof supporting sections are placed to form a rib expanding from the center to the sides formed by pipe sections to support the roof covering.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 57 - Eylül 2018

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