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Sayı: 28 - Ağustos 2011


Mustafa ÇALIŞKAN - General Directorate of Electrical Works Survey, Renewable Energy Resources Branch Manager

Our Department carries out studies on renewable energy resources for research and development, assessment of potential, contributing to preparation of regulations.

“Data Base is ready”

Our Department carries out studies on renewable energy resources for research and development, assessment of potential, contributing to preparation of regulations. On wind power if we want to do something in Turkey, we have to know the potential. We especially need this data and as Department we have been doing surveys in this subject. Thus the data base we have accumulated show our potential. The information and meteorological values were used on models in the end of 2006 and REPA (Wind Energy Potential Aktlas of Turkey) was published and presented to the public.
This study obtained at 75 to 100 meters the wind power speeds. Also the power density values, a reference wind energy station’s energy production at 50 meters, capacity factors are all documented. At potential places the plots where wind turbines can be erected have to be determined also. We have done that. Appoximate landscape, topography, altitude, resisdential areas, lakes, rivers were evaluated by 20 different criteria and now we have a map. Higher altitudes of 1500 meters, residential areas, or National Parks were determined as not suitable for wind farms. This atlas enables us to know at any point in the land, if the coordinates are given, to know the wind speeds, peak density is what, 1MW reference wind turbine can produce how much power which can all be obtained from our Department. With this kind of knowledge you can make sure which turbine is suitable and how much energy can be produced all become calculable. We are able to se where we can use wind power, and that this power can change from 3m/sec to 10m/sec. To invest using wind power at 50 meters above ground the wind power means annually should be above 7m/sec. Assuming we can use every available space- a plant of 5MW per sqkm- and the national potential came out as app. 37.836 MW landwise and for the seas can produce 10.000 MW. However today the wind power technologies also change and can produce more energy at lower wind speeds. At 5m/sec the production do not cease. Turbines slow down. Thus even 6.5m/sec can be more economical it seems today. Then the potential will rise to app. 131 000MW. Which means Turkey’s wind potential is rather significant, there are areas to invest and we can utilize this to lessen the dependence to imported energy sources. At the same time we are pleased to say that there is a strong contention for investment.
Çelik Yapılar - Sayı: 28 - Ağustos 2011

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